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Internship Tennessee Goat Dairy

General Description: Kira's Kids Dairy is a family farm, Grade A dairy and cheese plant on the Cumberland Plateau in Central Tennessee.  We milk our herd of dairy goats and produce cheeses that are sold at farmer’s markets. We also have a variety of other animals including horses, dogs. cats, chickens and ducks.

Internship period March 1 to October 31. Preference given to full period stay.

Internships Start March 1, 2017

Number of Interns: 1 to 3      Minimum Age: 18 years

Minimum Length of Stay: 10 weeks

Skills Desired: Must be able to lift 50 lbs and have plenty of energy to take on long days as the farmers market season continues into fall. Dairy farm experience is not required but a love of animals and attention to detail is a must along with willingness to learn. Interns work 6 days a week in all weather. Cleaning barns and stacking hay may be part of duties.

Educational Opportunities: Learn dairy goat breeding and  health care. Milking, dairy operation, government regulations and planning. Cheesemaking and marketing training are integrated with rising experience and responsibility on the farm/dairy.

Stipend: Yes; please contact for more information.

Housing: One bedroom stand alone trailer apartment with full kitchen,  WiFi and utilities included. Non-smokers only please. Limited cell phone coverage.

Preferred method Of Contact: Email

Internship Details: We are looking for a hard working strong individual  or couple with an interest in learning the management details of a goat dairy and who can follow instructions while taking responsibility for multiple dairy tasks. In addition interns will work in the creamery and go to farmer’s markets. No children or Pets.

Kira's Kids Dairy

8039 Mooneyham Lonewood  Rd.

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Contact: Larry or Kimberly Banks for application

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