Kira's Kids Dairy, Inc.

Kira's Kids Dairy is a seasonal micro dairy.  We are a grade A dairy and cheese plant.  We produce farmstead goat cheeses for sale in local farmers markets.  Our products are plain Feta, Greek Style Yogurt Kira's Pride hard cheese and Chevre in 4 varieties; Dill & Garlic, Italian Herb, Chipolte Red Pepper, and Plain.  Our cheese season is from April 1st to Thanksgiving.


Our herd consists mostly of registered Nubian and Nubian crosses.  But we also have a few Saanens.  We usually milk about 25 does.  We normally kid 60 to 70 kids per year.


We are a nontraditional dairy in that we leave the kids on our does and milk once a day.  When the kids are 3 weeks old, we pull kids off the mom overnight.  We milk the does the next morning and then turn the does back in with their kids.  The buck kids are weaned at 8 weeks and the doelings are weaned at 12 weeks.  This works well for us.  We have tested annually for TB, brucellosis, CAE.  We now test  as needed or if we get a new animal.  We tested several times early on for CL.  But we were negative and we have never had any abscesses.  We no longer routinely test for CL.  We only test new animals.  We are running a closed herd now and shouldn't have to add a new buck for a couple of years.


During the cheese making season, we collect milk for 2 to 3 days and then make cheese.  We have a 40 gal bulk tank and a 15 gal pastuerizer/cheese vat.


Our dairy is named after our first goat, Kira, a reg. Nubian.  All of our Nubian and Nubian cross does are descended from Kira.  Kira was 12 yr old in 2011 and had 30 kids.  She had 1 set of quints, 3 sets of quads, 3 sets of triplets and 2 sets of twins.  We are milking 4 of her great grand daughters this year. Kira passed away in August of 2012.  She is buried on the farm near the dairy.


My background is in Medical Technology.   I have worked in hospital laboratories and Blood Banks since 1981.  I still work a couple days a week at a local hospital.  My husband is retired from the Foreign Service and is an active flight instructor.  We definitely keep busy.  The best way to contact us is by email.


Thanks for your interest and support.


Kim Banks

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